10 X Zend Amf Performance enhancements — please test!

Wade Arnold comes with some very good news for us that use Zend_Amf, he writes; Mark Rei­den­bach from everytruckjob.com has sub­mit­ted a awe­some patch for Zend Amf that cre­ates a huge per­for­mance increase. Thanks so much Mark! I have also added a ref­er­ence check opti­miza­tion that uses SPL_object_hash to quickly see if an object has been seen before or not. Over­all you should see a big per­for­mance increase. The test case I used was the James Ward’s cen­sus data from my Zend­Con talk which con­sists of ran­dom peo­ple objects rang­ing from 1 – 100 dupli­cates total­ing 5k total rows.  Xde­bug pro­fil­ing ana­lyzed by  KCacheGrind showed roughly a 10X increase in performance!

The ques­tion is did all of these changes intro­duce any bugs? I have not been able to find any­thing and all of the tests pass. How­ever with such a major change I would really appre­ci­ate you down­load­ing the attached file and over­writ­ing Zend/Amf/* with it’s con­tents. Please report any issues in the com­ments here or bet­ter yet on the actual bug ZF-7493 If all goes well we will try and get this into the 1.10 release.

via 10X Zend Amf Per­for­mance enhance­ments — please test! | Wade Arnold.

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