Keeping your HTML valid with Zend Framework, Tidy and Firebug

Ryan Mauger wrote a good arti­cle on tidy­ing things behind the scenes, dur­ing devel­op­ment, def­i­nitely worth a look;

With Zend Frame­work there is an easy way to ensure that you always cre­ate valid HTML in your appli­ca­tions. This involves the use of a sim­ple Front Con­troller Plu­gin, and the php Tidy component.

Valid HTML is impor­tant for a great many rea­sons, the most impor­tant of which is ensur­ing con­sis­tency across all of your vis­i­tors browsers. The first step to mak­ing sure that your site appears cor­rectly on all the browsers is to ensure that your HTML is valid. Even if the goons at Microsoft con­tinue to ignore the stan­dards and do their own thing, if you at least ensure your html passes val­i­da­tion, then fix­ing things for Inter­net Explo(r|it)er of all its ver­sions is a far eas­ier task, and usu­ally pos­si­ble with a few sim­ple extra styling rules in your CSS.

via Ryan’s Blog.

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