Tutorial: Getting Started with Zend_Auth

Rob Allen writes; After too many months of neglect, I have com­pletely rewrit­ten my Zend_Auth tuto­r­ial so that it is com­pat­i­ble with Zend Frame­work 1.10!

As an exper­i­ment, I have writ­ten it directly in HTML, rather than PDF as before and cover the login form along with the login con­troller code required to authen­ti­cate a user using a data­base table. For good mea­sure, I’ve included log­ging out and a view helper to show how to access the logged in user’s details.

The full source code is also avail­able, if you don’t want to type it in :)

I hope you find it useful.

Tuto­r­ial: Get­ting Started with Zend_Auth – Rob Allen’s DevNotes.

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