MadComponents AMF Service Test Drive for Mobile

Daniel Free­man writes; In this final Mad­Com­po­nents tuto­r­ial we’re going to look at the third and final Flash Builder 4.5 tuto­r­ial (from here), and do it the Mad­Com­po­nents way.  Adobe’s Flex Test Drive for Mobile: Build a mobile appli­ca­tion in an hour, takes you through build­ing an AMF web ser­vice, and then build­ing a mobile client appli­ca­tion that con­nects to that ser­vice.  We’re going to build the same appli­ca­tion using MadComponents.

AMF is a binary for­mat used to seri­alise Action­Script objects.  A binary AMF packet is usu­ally sig­nif­i­cantly smaller than REST XML or SOAP packet.  Hence AMF ser­vices are typ­i­cally much faster.

This tuto­r­ial assumes that you have some exper­tise in build­ing web ser­vices, using PHP, Cold­fu­sion, or Java.  But if you’d rather do a tuto­r­ial where the web ser­vice already exists, then have a go at build­ing a twit­ter client.

We rec­om­mend that you first take a look at the first six parts of this tuto­r­ial series, which will bring you up-to-speed with using MadComponents.

Read the entire tuto­r­ial at  Mad­Com­po­nents AMF Ser­vice Test Drive for Mobile « MobileAp­pDev.

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